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Colored hair care routine

Colored hair care

Use a shampoo made for color-treated hair

 It is recommended to wash the hair with a shampoo designed for dyed hair, and then use a conditioner designed for dyed hair as well; Because this helps to stabilize the color of the dye, and improve the appearance of the hair.

Reducing hair washing removes hair washing

 Excessive hair washing withdraws the beneficial natural oils from it, which are responsible for keeping it healthy, so it is recommended to wash it once every two days, and use a hair conditioner; To keep it soft and shiny.

It is preferable to avoid washing hair with hot water, for its role in removing scalp oil, which makes the hair dry and weak, and increases the possibility of breakage and fall. Therefore, it is preferable to take a lukewarm water between 10-15 minutes, and rinse it one last time with cold water; To ensure that moisture is retained and hair is shiny and healthy.

Avoid using hot hair dryers

The use of thermal styling tools, such as: dryer, straightener, and corrugated, causes a lot of damage to the hair, and styling products increase its dryness, and cause split ends, and it is better to leave wet hair to dry naturally, and the hair dryer can be used on a low setting with constantly moving it. Up and down, as necessary.

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